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The teachings of the ascended masters have helped people around the world awaken the sleeping giant of their own spirituality.  By using special spiritual formulas spiritual seekers have accessed the hidden knowledge and power that lies within.  They have been able to live better and more fulfilling lives.

Quality of life is about being in flow, having balance and living in harmony with the Laws that govern the cosmos.  The ascended masters’ teachings show us how to do this.

I AM Presence

The dynamic relationship between each person’s soul and the Divine has been depicted by the ascended master Saint Germain.  This diagram (on the right) is called The Chart of Your Divine Presence.  It illustrates how spiritual light continually flows from your Higher Self, into your seven chakras, or energy centers.  Those energy centers, in turn, nourish your physical, emotional and mental bodies.

chakra man in violet flame

If there are blocks to the flow of this Light, we can become depressed, diseased or out of sorts.  The ascended masters have shown us how to work with a special spiritual light-energy called “the violet flame.” This   violet flame clears these energy blocks.  These masters have also given us other accelerated spiritual techniques to raise our consciousness and to remove obstacles on the spiritual journey–obstacles such as fear, guilt, pride, non-forgiveness and lack of self-worth.  If you would like to work with the ascended masters they can guide you step by step towards a greater awareness and can help you discover your unique purpose, or calling, in life.

To help people receive such advanced spiritual teachings and to help them progress spiritually these ascended masters have sponsored The Summit Lighthouse®.  It was founded in 1958 by their messengers, Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.  Its purpose is todevelop all people’s  unlimited spiritual potential by:

  • Mother and Mark
  • Giving  progressive teachings on spirituality and cosmic law and
  • Assisting each one to unfold his or her highest character and fulfill his or her ideal destiny.

105692JBy helping people realize their intrinsic worth and capability and by giving them powerful spiritual techniques,  The  Summit Lighthouse® seeks the betterment of all and the resolving of human problems.

The Teachings of the Ascended Masters are inclusive and honor all the world religions as well as everyone’s right to walk the spiritual path of their choice. They point out the truth wherever it is found. Therefore the Teachings of the Ascended Masters are available to all irrespective of educational or religious background. These teachings are offered for any and all who maintain an open mind.

Thank you for visiting the website that is created to assist you. Please feel free to send us your questions, doubts or  concerns at our  email  ascendedmastersinfo.org

Always Victory!